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Homes and Loans - Affordable Home Improvement Loans for Yorkshire and the Humber

Welcome to the Homes and Loans Website

Homes and Loans is a service set up and run by all the councils in Yorkshire and the Humber.  We're run on a non-commercial basis, offering affordable loans for people with a limited income.

The service was launched in 2005 with the aim of reducing the number of vulnerable households and families with children living in non-decent homes. 

We believe that everyone has the right to a decent home & we aim to offer a range of services to help homeowners achieve this. 

A decent home is one which is:-

  • Safe and fit to live in
  • Comfortably warm
  • Weatherproof
  • Has reasonably modern kitchen & bathroom facilities

We know that many home owners cannot afford to keep their home in good repair or carry out adaptation work and if this is you, then we are here to help. 

Our service is delivered through your Local Authority with a single point of contact who will work with you to provide a service that will offer you;

  • practical advice on repairs, improvements and adaptations
  • peace of mind because any work is carried out under the auspices of your Local Authority
  • the chance to improve your home to a decent standard with a loan that has no monthly repayments

We are currently able to offer this assistance in the form of a Home Appreciation Loan

Do You Need Extra Help With Your Money?

If you are looking for further information to help you decide if a Home Appreciation Loan is the right option for your needs or for any other financial matter, the Financial Services Authority (FSA) have a website called Moneymadeclear that offers impartial information about the choices available to you.

The website offers information on all aspects of financial planning, personal banking, secured and unsecured borrowing, credit cards, insurance, pensions, tax, benefits, retirement, etc.  It offers the information in a variety of forms such as downloadable documents, calculators and links to specialist areas such as the Pensions Advisory Service and Citizens Advice Bureau.

The FSA are the UK’s financial regulator set up by the government to regulate financial services and protect your rights. This means they set standards that financial services firms have to meet and take action if they don’t. They also provide you with information and pointers about your money. The Moneymadeclear service is provided by the FSA in partnership with the Government.

Although Homes and Loans and Local Authorities throughout the UK are not regulated by the FSA, we have set our standards to try and match those required by all other lenders.

Because the FSA are the regulator, they are not selling anything. So all their information is impartial. They provide information through this website, booklets and the Moneymadeclear helpline. But, as the regulator, they cannot investigate individual complaints, recommend a particular firm or give you advice on which product to choose.